Cosmetic Care

Cosmetic dentistry at Ribble Dental

Cosmetic dentistry involves using procedures with the aim of improving the appearance of your smile.

At Ribble Dental we use exceptionally high quality materials and highly skilled technicians to create restorations customised to your individual needs.

‘A beautiful smile can have a positive impact on your self confidence and other peoples’ perception of you.

Initial consultation

At Ribble Dental each treatment is customised to your individual requirements. We only use the best technicians and modern materials ensuring a natural looking smile.

Your initial consultation will provide you with all the information you need to create your ideal smile. Your dentist will firstly asses your suitability for cosmetic treatments and offer their honest professional advice and specific recommendations. A thorough treatment plan will be formulated and an estimate given for all potential costs. If you decide to proceed with your treatment appointments will be made at this stage.


Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is an extremely popular , effective and non invasive way of improving your smile. Beautiful white teeth will provide you with a healthy well groomed and youthful appearance.


A veneer is a thin laminate of porcelain hand individually made to fit over the front of your tooth. Veneers are used to easily change the shape , colour and alignment of a tooth depending on its original position. Most veneers will require a small amount of preparation to your tooth .


Crowns are used to replace broken , damaged or severely decayed teeth. They can achieve similar cosmetic results to veneers but involve slightly more preparation to the tooth. There are many types of crown available. Your dentist can advise you as to the most suitable crown for your mouth.

For a superb and unrivalled natural appearance we promote the use of Lava and Procera all ceramic crowns. These crowns are made using specialist manufacturing techniques and very strong zirconia ceramics which refract and transmit light creating a combination of biocompatibility, beauty and strength.


Bridges are fixed restorations used to replace one or more missing teeth. Usually the teeth either side of the space are prepared and the bridge , including the missing tooth , is cemented over the top. There are many types of bridge available:

    1. All porcelain – the latest ceramic technology allows us to provide bridgework with excellent cosmetic results. These can be provided in all areas of the mouth where appearance is important. Particularly suitable for the front of the mouth.
    2. Adhesive bridges – these require little preparation to the adjacent teeth and may be suitable in certain situations. They can be made of porcelain or composite resin.
    3. Porcelain bonded bridges – here porcelain is fused to a metal alloy to provide good strength while maintaining good cosmetics. Ideal for replacing back teeth where biting forces are higher.

White fillings

White fillings are called composite fillings as they are a combination of a resin and minute particles of glass. New materials are very strong and can be matched to your existing teeth. These are commonly placed in small to medium sized cavities.

Inlays / onlays

In situations where large fillings are to be placed inlays may be used. Inlays can be made from composite or porcelain. Inlays offer excellent cosmetics and good strength. They are made by the technician from a model of your tooth and bonded in to place by your dentist. They are an excellent alternative to old large silver fillings.

Cosmetic dentures

Some patients may feel embarrassed about wearing dentures and wish to keep the fact a secret. Many dentures can look artificial due to the shade and quality of teeth used or poor positioning.

At Ribble Dental we make high quality dentures with natural looking teeth and gums. Personalised tooth positioning results in improved lip and cheek support. This helps to reduce wrinkles and can give a more youthful facial appearance

Our dental technicians are experienced and highly skilled. Together we are able to provide durable, comfortable dentures with outstanding appearance.

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